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As a HR Intern, you play a key role in securing the talents in our ecosystem. 
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Job brief

About this position

Brix works exclusively with start-ups because we understand that our clients do not function or think the same way as a corporate. Start-ups need their talents to be loyal, driven, skilled, and affordable. In return, start-ups offer a platform for talents to build something, to lead, to dream, and to succeed in ways corporate cannot. This is the Brix model, to capture the value of start-ups so that we have all the advantages and none of the disadvantages traditional talent sourcing offer when working with start-ups.

As an HR Intern, you play a key role in securing the talents in our ecosystem. We are looking for someone who is keen to learn about the ins and outs of recruitment from sourcing to screening to direct approaching candidates. From this experience, you will become well equipped for a career in HR and talent sourcing.‍


- Engage and reach-out to potential Brix talents

- Execute sourcing and screening of candidates via Linkedin

- Update, edit, and manage job postings as they become available

- Screen candidates and conduct background checks if they are successful

- Shadow seniors throughout the non-technical interview components

- Other relevant duties as necessary


Brix Standard Requirement

- You are choosing not to work for a corporate, because you are motivated by the idea of building and leading something that belongs to you.

- You put a distinct value on "Remote Work", you would choose this benefit over a pay-raise if you could only have one.

- You are experienced and skilled in your area of expertise

Other Requirements

- Background in Human Resource Management and/or Communication is preferred, but not necessary