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We invented the term: "Brix" your tech team.

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Brix may seems familiar,
but we are not one of these

There are currently 4 ways to source talents on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We challenge this status quo by presenting a 5th way that extracts all the advantages of the 4 traditional methods, while discarding all the disadvantages.

Cost Efficient vs


  • Headhunting - Access hard-to-find talents
  • Guarantee - Pay only when satisfied
  • Cost - Market cost or higher
  • Risk - May only be interview-savvy
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More Flexible vs


  • Budget - Cost efficient
  • Insurance - Replacement readily available
  • Cheap - Overall quality of talents are low
  • Billing - Worked hours vs billed hours
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Faster Process VS


  • Fit - Cultural and long term fit
  • Skills - Trusted vesting process
  • Manpower - Require qualified HR team
  • Untimeliness - Takes weeks to secure the right talent
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  • Flexibility - In terms of time and pay
  • Available - Talents are “ready-to-go”
  • Unreliable - Lack of vetting/interview process
  • Indifference - Usually in it part-time or only for money
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What we do
What we do
Trusted by a number of reputable start-ups

About Brix

We work exclusively with start-ups, because we understand that YOU do not function or think the same way as a corporate. Start-ups need their talents to be loyal, driven, skilled and affordable. In return, start-ups offer a platform for talents to build something, to lead, to dream, and to succeed in ways corporate cannot. This is the Brix model, to capture the value that start-ups has to offer, so that we have all the advantages and none-of the disadvantages traditional talent sourcing offer, when working with start-ups.

Vetting Process

We take only the top 12% of talents.
Talents need to ace 4 rounds of interviews that include resume screening, coding test, technical interview, and behavioral interview.

AI Powered

We offer a 48h & 72h guarantee.
You will receive your first batch of matched Brix talents within 48 hours of submitting a role to us and a first interview within 72 hours.

Brix Talents

33% of the cost for a 100% fit.
Our talents take less monetary rewards because 1) they are ready to move out of corporate 2) they place a distinct value on working remotely 3) they want to work in areas of their passion
Aniu Zeng - CTO of Earncheese
I am very impressed by the flexibility and cooperation. We're able to speed up our product and delivery while reducing our costs. I have no hesitations about hiring  Brix Labs again.
Zhen Wang - CfO of Oben
Brix matched us with top-tier talent within 24 hours. Over the last few months, we’ve hired several engineers and have been able to reduce our costs by 50% while freeing up more time for our in-house engineers to work on higher priority projects.
Pearl tan - VP of classin
Brix Labs has high-quality resources always available for us. I am very impressed by the flexibility and cooperation. We're able to speed up our product and delivery while reducing our costs. The management team always goes the extra mile to make the service even better. I have no hesitations about hiring Brix Labs again.

Our Story
(Yours and Ours)

Why did you choose to build or work for a start-up? Our team probably had the same reason. At some point, we will realize the "competitive compensation package" that a billion-dollar corporation offers is just a labor transaction. The real opportunity cost is our passion, our ability to make a difference, and our freedom. While we are trying to reclaim these rights, there is an exciting start-up out there that is looking for our expertise, our leadership, and our passion. Brix is created to connect talents like us to the start-up they belong with.

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